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Adhesive Resin for Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe
Adhesive resin for anti-corrosion steel pipe This product is specially designed for 2PE and 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipes. A layer of adhesive resin is applied to the surface of steel pipe(2PE) or an interlayer of adhesive resin is applied between the in
Adhesive Resin for Sewrage and Drainage Pipe
Adhesive resin for Sewerage and Drainage Pipe Adhesive Resin for steel Reinforced Spiral Corrugated Polyethylene(MRP Pipe) Adhesive Resin for Steel Wire Reinforced Polyethylene Composite Pipe(STRP Pipe) Banzan’s adhesive resin is maleic grafted polyethyle
Adhesive Resin for Plastic Lined Steel Pipe
Adhesive resin for plastic lined steel pipe This product is specially designed for plastic lined steel pipe. The outer steel pipe can be closely bonded with the inner plastic pipe into a seamless whole after an interlayer of adhesive resin which is coated
Adhesive PE for Coating Steel Pipe
Adhesive PE for pipe coating Banzan’s maleic-anhydride grafted HDPE adhesive resin is specially designed to for anticorrosion coatings on oil, gas, and water pipelines. It is usded as an adhesive layer in three-layer coatings, between fusion-bonded epoxy
Adhesive Resin for Aluminum-plastic Composite Panel
Adhesive Resin for Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel(ACP) Banzan’s Adhesive resin for aluminum plastic composite panel(ACP) can be used in the technique of hot-pressing polymer adhesive film with aluminum-plastic to Produce composite panel. It can also be
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